Cannabinoids Can Relieve Anxiety, According To New Government-Funded

Courtesy of The Joint Blog
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A new study being published online this Sunday by the journal Nature Neuroscience has found that cannabinoids can relieve the symptoms of anxiety by activating the body’s natural cannabinoids receptors.

Our body contains cannabinoid receptors which are activated when we consume cannabis.

For the study – which was funded by the National Institute of Health and conducted by scientists at Vanderbilt University – researchers examined the effects of a substance meant to mimic cannabinoids on mice; researchers found that activation of the cannabinoid receptors reduces anxiety behaviors with no serious side effect.

According to researchers, these findings are just the start; “The door is really wide open,” states Dr. Sachin Patel, assistant professor of psychiatry and of molecular physiology and biophysics, “We’ve just scratched the surface.”

The study was conducted over a 3 year period.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com