Do You Have A Marijuana Related New Year's Resolution For 2015?

marijuana new years resolution


It's a brand new year. 2014 is history and 2015 is a mystery. People all across the globe made New Year's resolutions leading up to the new year. Where you one of those? I had some interesting conversations with social media friends last night about marijuana related New Year's resolutions. Did your New Year's resolution or resolutions involve marijuana? Below are some of the ones that were brought up last night during my conversations:

No bammer weed - I was surprised to learn that there are still a lot of people out there smoking brick weed. It's likely because people have no other choice, as there simply isn't any other kind of marijuana in their area. That was the case for me a couple of decades ago, but I made a resolution to quit smoking brick weed in 1994 and I'm happy to say that I haven't touched the stuff since (which is not hard living in Oregon!). If you are able, take the pledge too. That stuff sucks, and supports cartels.

Get a marijuana job - I talked to numerous people that have a goal this year to get a job in the marijuana industry. Find one that is rewarding, and doesn't involve working for some ego maniac jerk of a boss, which is common in the marijuana industry.

Start a marijuana business - Don't want to work for someone else? Consider starting a marijuana business. The industry is growing at a neck breaking pace, so find a niche and fill a void and change your career (and your life!).

Volunteer for marijuana causes - Marijuana laws aren't going to reform themselves. Get active with an organization or campaign! Or if politics isn't your thing, volunteer for a non-profit that helps patients. Word to the wise, make sure to vet the non-profit to ensure that it's really not a for-profit-disguised-as-a-non-profit, which occurs a lot in the marijuana world. Making money while helping people is great, but just make sure that if you are going to get used and abused, at least get paid for it if your 'volunteer boss' is getting paid for it. Unless of course you don't care, then volunteer it up!

Lobby more - something that is always needed in the marijuana world is people lobbying the political candidates that represent them. Call your state and federal Senators and Representatives. Call your city council members and mayor. Let them know how you feel. I've talked to a lot of politicians that said one of the biggest reasons they don't go out of their way to pursue reform is because they aren't sure how many of their constituents actually support it.

Donate - Sign up to make a monthly contribution for the next 12 months (and preferably beyond!). Donate to a campaign or organization. If you are wondering which ones to donate to, e-mail me, as I have a solid list of amazing things to donate to!

Smoke more joints - With the rise of vape pens and dab rigs, it seems like joints are becoming less prevalent. I'm making it a goal to smoke at least one joint a day on average this year.

Consume more dabs - I talked to one guy last night who plans on only consuming concentrates in 2015. It's obviously different than my resolution, but a resolution worth pursuing nonetheless!