June 30, 2017

Puffco Plus Vs. The Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer

June 30, 2017
puffco pro 2

If you’re interested in buying a new vaporizer, you should know that learning about the similarities and differences between the Puffco Plus and the Puffco Pro 2 will be helpful. We’re here to share the ultimate buying guide for Puffco fans…and for those who wish to learn about this established and reputable vaporizer brand for the very first time!

Once you’ve gotten the inside scoop on the Puffco Plus versus the Puffco Pro 2, you’ll be ready to decide if one of these popular vaporizer models is really right for you!

We’ll start by sharing important facts about the Puffco Plus!

Discover the Puffco Plus

The puffco plus

This “pocket nail” vaporizer features innovative design for a truly fulfilling vaping experience! It comes with a chamber that is coil-free and it functions just as ceramic “nails” do! When you choose the Puffco Plus, you’ll access vapor which is discreet, flavorful and very potent. You may utilize a Dart in order to load up one dosage at a time and then enjoy complete effects. Since there is no glue and no coils, you’ll get quality without compromise.

When you order, you’ll receive a complete Plus, in addition to a capped Plus chamber which is extra, a Supercharger (USB style), a user’s manual and cotton swabs.

Chamber quality for the Puffco Plus is premium. The chamber is crafted from ceramic, without glue or metals which are exposed, so you’ll access stellar taste! As well, since this vaporizer is coil-free, it will offer exceptional flavor thanks to its even distribution of heat. It’s also a vaporizer which features cleaning that is effortless!

Choose from a trio of temperature settings, as well as a “sesh mode” option. With “sesh mode”, you’ll access continuous vaporization for twelve full seconds.

The mouthpiece “dart” of this model features a loading tool made from ceramic which is detachable. It comes with a convection-style cap. This cap dramatically reduces the odds of splash-back and also retains oil in an efficient manner.

When you use the Puffco Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a single dose at one time!

Also, you’ll find that the vaporizer’s chamber will direct vapor upwards, via the mouthpiece. This means clog prevention which is beyond compare, as well as vapor which is consistent and steady.

Learn About the Puffco Pro 2

puffco pro 2

The Puffco Pro 2 provides amazing functionality in a new, slimline format! When you choose this innovative vaporizer, you’ll be able to access flavor and vapor which are distinct and satisfying. This vaporizer has a big-capacity chamber which is crafted from ceramic and the chamber has been updated in order to provide the highest level of efficiency.

As well, as with the Puffco Plus, this vaporizer gives the user the option of going into “sesh mode”, which allows for twelve continuous seconds of vaporizing! Also, like the Puffco Plus, this model is free of glues and plastics. It also contains no fibers.

When you order, you’ll receive a hard case, a charger (USB style), an instruction manual and a complete Pro 2 vaporizer.

One key difference between this model and the Puffco Plus is slimmer design. The Puffco Pro 2 is just a lot slimmer to behold and to hold onto! If you love compact and discreet vaporizers, you’ll adore this updated version of the original! The Puffco Pro 2 is known for its exceptional good looks!

Also, if cloud production is important to you, you’ll be pleased to know that this design makes it simple to access big clouds which provide exceptional vaporizing experiences. It’s all about the ceramic blend chamber and its big capacity. This design comes with sesh mode as well as a trio of temperature controls, so you’ll have the power to customize each and every vaporizing session to your exact preferences.

Just hit the cloud button twice in order to activate the sesh mode on your preferred temperature setting.

Designed for those who are a bit adventurous, the Puffco Pro 2 is crafted from stainless steel which is incredibly durable. It’ll take whatever you dish out! As well, it comes with a convenient carrying case which is impact-resistant. You’ll also get a loading tool and a charger.


One more amazing perk of choosing the Puffco Pro 2 is that it features battery life which is extended. You’ll find that it has the power to keep going, day and night. In fact, you’ll be able to use it up to one hundred times on each and every charge!

Which Style is Right for You?

Both of these vaporizers come from a trusted brand with a strong and positive reputation. If you want compact and slimline performance, we recommend the Puffco Pro 2. It’s definitely got the edge in terms of being ultra-attractive and discreet. However, some people actually prefer a larger vaporizer which stands out more. If you like bold design, you may want to consider the Puffco Plus. While it doesn’t have every feature of the Puffco Pro 2, it’s definitely a solid pick in terms of having a high-quality chamber, temperature choices and sesh mode.

Both vaporizers offer lots of versatile options to users.

To find out more about these popular vaporizers, be sure to visit the official Puffco website today. It’s a great place to order one or both of these beloved Puffco vaporizers. You’ll find that both are fairly-priced.

After you try a vaporizer from Puffco, you’ll start to understand why this company has such a great reputation. It’s world-renowned for the quality construction of its vaporizers, as well as their intelligent design and features. We believe in this brand and we hope that sharing the similarities and differences between these two vaporizers will assist you with choosing the Puffco vaporizer that is perfect for your needs.

You deserve quality. When you choose the Puffco Plus or Puffco Pro 2, you’ll receive exceptional quality that is long-lasting and designed to give you access to the ultimate in vaporizing pleasure. So, why not order a Puffco vaporizer today? You’ll be so glad that you did.


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