March 7, 2019

An Unlikely Pair find common ground in cannabis and launch The U.S. Weed Channel

March 7, 2019
Shane Doull of The U.S. Weed Channel and Kim Easton of KEI Connects announce the partnership of their two companies.

Shane Doull of The U.S. Weed Channel and Kim Easton of KEI Connects announce the partnership of their two companies to strengthen their impact, reach, and ability to serve the cannabis community together as a united team. The US Weed Channel promises to be a platform for the many voices of the cannabis community.

Shane Doull founder and CEO of The U.S. Weed Channel is a long time cannabis consumer and supporter. Doull comes from an entrepreneur background developing business for the past 29 years. After inventing and running the first mobile pot store GranDaddy Phoenix, Doull faced cannabis charges and began a legal battle. He diligently fought the charges and won. During this battle, Doull realized there must be others out there facing the same challenges without the ability to fight and win as he had. Doull set out to be an advocate and voice for others like him. A revolutionary in the cannabis space, Doull saw a need for cannabis content to have a home and created The U.S. Weed Channel in 2011 to provide a platform for his community.

Kimberly Easton is the founder and CEO of KEI Connects, a strategic communications business. She has been working in the cannabis industry since 2013. However, Easton wasn’t always a supporter of cannabis. Raised conservative Christian, she viewed weed through the campaign of “reefer madness”. It wasn’t until her daughter began using and benefiting from marijuana for its medicinal purposes that Easton started to shift her perspective on the plant. Her daughter appealed to Easton’s long background as a journalist and pleaded for her to do research on the healing benefits of cannabis. Since then, Easton has become an active advocate for the legalization of marijuana and passionately dedicates her talents and connections to pushing the needle forward for the cannabis community.

When asked about the partnership, Easton replied, “I’ve turned down two opportunities to partner. When Shane approached me about the U.S. Weed Channel, I immediately recognized its value and couldn’t say, no! My background as a television broadcast journalist of 20 plus years coupled with my work as a Corporate Communications Strategist was an opportunity to use my entire skillset with one global media entity, while helping others. Our partnership makes sense and is a perfect fit for making magic happen!”

Despite Doull and Easton’s completely different backgrounds, the unlikely pair came together sharing a common mission to be advocates for the cannabis community. “Kim and I on an individual level are polar opposites. I mean, female – male, black – white, East coast – West coast, she doesn’t smoke – I can’t smoke enough…. It’s astonishing how we came together, but when you put two great minds together, you get great things.” Doull and Easton firmly believe in the full legalization of cannabis because they both believe in the benefits and culture of this plant.

Our Mission is to reflect the true lifestyle of the Cannabis Industry, providing our global audience entertainment, education and engagement opportunities. As the largest, streaming media entity we promise to meet the needs of our vast community, while being the safe haven for Cannabis Businesses looking to showcase their Iconic brands on our media platforms to be remembered forever!

The pair are excited about the future of The U.S. Weed Channel and the future of cannabis. They know that creating this broadcasting entity, they are providing a platform for the many voices in the cannabis community to be heard. The U.S. Weed Channel and its Radio Channel will feature all cannabis content from educational documentaries to stoners taking dabs. Content on the channel will be as diverse as Doull and Easton reaching all the demographics of cannabis users from moms to rastas. Doull stated, “The world needs a centric place for cannabis that isn’t scary. The old stereotype of stoners is in the past, back when we were stuck behind being illegal. Today, we are everything; from skydivers to accountants and everything in between and now we have a lifestyle to meet.” The U.S. Weed Channel is poised to provide cannabis consumers with a channel and the content they want.

In celebration of the partnership, The U.S. Weed Channel is having its official network launch on 4/19/19 to be streamed LIVE on The U.S. Weed Channel on 4/20.

Go to for subscription and streaming information. Visit @neonjoint and @usweedchannel for upcoming information about the 4/19 launch and 4/20 streaming event!

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