Check Out ‘The Power Hour’ Hosted By Master Bong

One of my favorite parts about running The Weed Blog is meeting new people.
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One of the first ‘friends of the blog’ was Master Bong. He is the true MacGyver of Pot, and is a very entertaining person to hang out with. He is starting his own radio show, and I’m told that my partner Jay Smoker is going to be on his show this week. Make sure to tune in, and check out Master Bong’s press release below:

Highly acclaimed Marijuanista, Master Bong, has today announced that he will be hosting his own new radio show called ‘The Power Hour’. This fresh new cannabis radio show is ideal for anyone that wants to learn about the marijuana industry as it will discuss growing marijuana with seed companies such as Loud Seeds and will also speak with individual growers, who will share their experiences, techniques and tips.

Furthermore, The Power Hour will interview various glass companies like Silika, Naked Glass, Caliber and blowers such as DD Sherpa and Haze for Dayz on the glass game. The show will even have a resident pot specialist Dr. Gordan Raskin, who is a certified family physician and will discuss the medical benefits of marijuana.

This show is going to be the bomb! We’re going to open the phone lines up so that anyone can come on the show and speak to me and our guests. I have a feeling we’ll be receiving quite a few calls when Dr. Gordan Raskin is on,” said Master Bong, radio show host of The ‘Power Hour’. “We’re also having companies come on and share their story like, Kindstack, DaVinci Vape, Pyp Tek, Stealth Technologies, RAW Rolling Papers and many more. Plus we will have the musicians in the videos come in to talk about their new projects.”

The show won’t have a script as it will be up to the listeners to create the format by basing it on what they want to hear about the cannabis community.

For more information on The Power Hour show which brings you everything you want to hear about cannabis, visit this link 

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Creative energy sprung the birth of Master Bong back in late 2008. When one day a fan tagged him as the MacGyver of Pot, the name stuck and he’s been using it ever since. Since then, he has been empowering millions with the information to create a pipe or bong out of anything! Fun and laughs flowed in abundance while we created the world’s first Bell Pepper Bubbler, Light Bulb Vaporizer and High Lighter Pipe.

Inspired by the positive feedback he has received, Master Bong created this Vlog to unite the marijuana community. This task at hand is my greater Goal. To have a community where we laugh, share and inspire with one another.

  • Graduated from Oaksterdam in 2008
  • Creating Devices for over a Decade
  • MasterBong has traveled to various regions sampling cannabis