Flower Review: Birthday Cake by Jefferson State Farms

The indica dominant Birthday Cake from Jefferson State Farms tastes sweet and produces a calming effect when consumed.
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I ventured out of my regular cannabis consumption habits for this cannabis flower review as I am usually a sativa girl (which you may know from reading my other reviews). I am happy to say it was totally worth it, as the indica-dominant Birthday Cake by Jefferson State Farmswas sweet with calming and predictable effects.

Jefferson State Farms is based in Southern Oregon and the company feels deeply connected to this distinct region and the community that’s settled there. As a company, they strive to foster a down-to-earth culture that aligns with nature and the people that call this area home, and pride themselves in being a local independent cannabis farm with sungrown flower.

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Ben Yuma is Jefferson State Farm’s lead grower. Yuma said, “We are a small family farm with big dreams. This was our first year growing Birthday Cake and it won’t be our last. Birthday Cake was a huge success for us from cultivation to sales.”

Packaging: As this was a raw flower review, I did not have packaging to observe. However, I will say that Jefferson State Farms has done a nice job on their logo in representing their themes of “independent cannabis” and “freedom under the sun.”

Taste: Both the nose and taste on this strain are sweet, as noted in it’s name. It had notes of vanilla and was both sweet and earthy upon the inhale. I was impressed with how well the taste was preserved in this sungrown flower.

Effect: This sweet strain was calming, relaxing, and I enjoyed it very much as an evening strain to help me unwind after a long work day. Testing at 20.18% THC, this strain gave me both a soothing (but not overpowering) head and body high and, even though I am usually a sativa girl, I enjoyed its effects very much.

Lead Grower Ben Yuma also told me that they are just about sold out of the sungrown Birthday Cake (only 10 pounds left!), but don’t fret! This farm has plenty of other strainsin their partner shops including Purple Cookies and Lemon Kush.

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About Jefferson State Farms:

As proud residents of the state of Jefferson, it’s in our nature to think for ourselves. We are most inspired by the fights of our forefathers, notions of progress and freedom. It is the history of our area that has long instilled in us the idea that if we band together with our neighbors, we can be advocates for positive change. Back in the 1850’s, following the Gold Rush, and again in the 1940’s following rapid national development, there was a push for a 49th state where the open lands of Northern California and Southern Oregon could come together and draw a new line for themselves. These pioneers stood outside the hearts of their states' biggest cities and as their voices and concerns struggled to be heard, they sought their own laws and lawmakers. We like to reflect on this history as we look forward into the cannabis industry. Where would we be today without people of the past who had the courage to propose new ideas and work hard to see to their success? What is today known as ‘The Emerald Triangle’ was once flush with gold and glittering with prospects of opportunity. If you ask us, we still see our land in this light. The gold is now green and the opportunities are plenty for all.