December 21, 2018

Forest for the Trees: a True Terpenes Podcast now live!

December 21, 2018
Catch True Terpenes new podcast "Forest for the Trees" to learn about terpenes from industry leaders.

True Terpenes welcomes you to our new project: Forest for the Trees a True Terpenes Podcast. True Terpenes’ Ross Hunsinger (@sugarsugarltd) and David Heldreth (@theyogibear13) join industry leading guests on Forest for the Trees to help guide you down the road less traveled in the world of terpenes from cannabis or essential oils to farming, cooking and food.

The podcast came just in time for your flight, road trip or just spending some time hiding from family with your headphones in. Dustin Powers, better known as @Future4200 is our guest on the first episode. Dustin is best known for providing a insights on cannabis extraction, permaculture and science at his forum or at his Good Life Gang .

You can listen to Forest For the Trees on Google Play, Apple Itunes and Spotify.


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