June 19, 2018

New Survey about Cannabis, Parenting and TV Reveals the Obvious

June 19, 2018
They study found that today’s cannabis consuming parents are very different than the media's stoner parent portrayal.

A new survey has proven what many of us already know: watching TV while stoned with our children is fun.

This fact came out in a survey conducted by NYC-based media and brand consultancy Miner & Co. Studio, which found that today’s cannabis consuming parents are very different than TV and media’s stereotypical stoner portrayal.

“The stoner stereotype is so prevalent and persistent in TV and media that it continues to stigmatize those for whom cannabis is part of their active and healthful lifestyle,” said Robert Miner, president of Miner & Co. Studio. “This is especially true for cannabis consuming parents who feel that cannabis plays a positive role in their lives and in some ways, improves their parenting and time spent with their families – including watching TV.”

The survey, conducted online with 575 cannabis-consuming parents of children under 18 in legal marijuana states, noted that consuming cannabis enhanced their family’s television time and that parents felt more engaged with their children when watching.

Nearly eight of 10 (79 percent) say they regularly got stoned when watching TV with their children and were more likely to bond with their children over the shows they’d viewed together.

Eighty percent also said that, when they consumed cannabis, they tended to seek out TV shows from their own childhood to watch with their kids.

Parents involved in the study stressed the need to mindful and discrete about cannabis consumption and careful not to overdo it. As such, they said they were more likely to consume edibles than smoke or vape when they’re watching TV with their children.

Miner & Co. Studio posed that the data they collected could be important for TV networks and studios planning future programming. In addition to watching more TV while stoned, 6 out of 10 participants said they had purchased episodes, full series, and movies when they were consuming cannabis and were more likely to check out what’s available On Demand.


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