August 12, 2019

Nomsternailz: Self-Care, Stoner Salon Services, and Stigma Lifting

August 12, 2019

Spa service and wellness professionals are just starting to scratch the surface on the potential cannabis can have for their clients. We have seen everything from cannabis yoga to CBD sunblock…and now, a cannabis infused nail salon service!

Nomsternailz, based in Portland, Oregon, was founded by Nomi Terbish with the vision of self-care and stigma lifting. “Just because we smoke weed doesn’t mean we don’t take care of ourselves,” she explained, “I want to break the stigma of weed with smoking while doing self-care rituals. Smoking can be a luxury while you are taking care of your hands and nails. It’s not just about getting high anymore, it’s for health, beauty and feeling good.”

While people who get their nails done in salons are often allowed wine or champagne, Nomsternailz provides a space where their clients can consume cannabis with their preferred method while enjoying their spa services. Additionally, the company uses CBD skin and nail care products of all kinds with their clients.

Lauren Short, founder and producer of the Lady Business Series, used Nomsternailz for an in-home cannabis friendly manicure recently. Short said, “Sometimes it’s difficult to make it into normal salon hours with a very busy work schedule, and it was a relief to have her come over when I was available instead. Her attention to detail is amazing, my nails were shaped perfectly and I absolutely loved the designs. What Nomi focuses on that I found differs from other nail experiences is overall hand and skin care. When she was finished, not only did I have super cute leopard print nails but also baby soft skin. My nail polish stayed on for about as long as shellac or hard gel.”

With Nomsternailz’s focus on cannabis products and stigma lifting, only particular events and platforms welcome her services and skill set. One such platform is Cheechable, founded by Alicia Navarrette. Cheechable and Nomsternailz have worked together on a few different events now, and Navarette mentioned, “Nomsternailz is always a fabulous component to the Spa Sesh events we have in our studio. The nail spa services are a great way to treat your guests to something unique! We love working with entrepreneurs who are experimenting with new cannabis business models. Nomi’s passion for her craft, clientele and cannabis is unprecedented. We want to see and support more folks in traditional businesses incorporating cannabis, especially in the hospitality space.”

The company does home visits, takes clients at a private studio located near downtown Portland, and is available for pop-up events as well. Short added, “I would absolutely arrange another nail appointment with Nomi, because I feel that she also promotes natural beauty and left me feeling confident about my hands. Not to mention, she has tons of glitter!”

As mentioned, Nomi is incredibly passionate about both self care and advocating for cannabis normalization. I got to catch up with her and see what she had to say about all of it…

Leah Maurer (LM): When and why did you first see the need in the market for a service/company like yours?

Nomi Terbish (NT): In 2016, I used to go to a nail salon not too far from my college apartment. My marijuana consumption was bothering the Asian ladies who worked at the salon and they weren’t too friendly with me smelling like marijuana or my HUF socks. I was tired of getting judged by salon workers for smoking marijuana before I walk into the salon, because the massage and pampering feel even better when you are high. Also, I have been doing nail art on my own nails since I was a little girl. I would do my own nails for hours to relieve my stress. Smoking weed and doing my own nails were my things on Friday nights. After deciding to become a professional esthetician, I was practicing on my friend’s nails and we would blaze during the nail sessions. My friends would bring their friends and it became a thing after couple nail sessions while smoking weed. Nomsternailz is from where my marijuana consumption and my traditional self-care rituals came into one place. I wanted to build the safe space for women that has no judgement for self-care & consumption of their choice. Women get strong, when they feel good. Nomsternailz is definitely a safe space/service for women to get pampered and get empowered while we are smoking.

LM: What did you notice in typical nail salons that made you want to start Nomsternailz?

NT: Most of the typical spa/salons can’t do nail art or the salons that are focused on nail art don’t offer proper hand skin-care. Nice nails without good hand skin don’t look good. Nomsternailz offers nail art, CBD hand skin-care and most importantly you can smoke during your nail appointments. Those things make Nomsternailz different than any other salons in Portland. Also, I have heard from some of clients that some salons don’t let you choose the art and designs you want on your own nails and they give you mystery nail art. I try to communicate with every single of my clients and get to know what’s their personal style and what they want on their nails. Getting nail art is a commitment for the next 2-3 weeks.

LM: What do you think the success of your company says about the changing paradigm of thought about cannabis use?

NT: Consuming marijuana isn’t about getting high anymore, it’s for wellness, beauty and feeling good. My goal is to make you look and feel your best, with advanced products and skills on what you have, while you are consuming marijuana in every way. I offer CBD products in my service. When I started Nomsternailz, there wasn’t many choice for CBD products to use in my service, but now there are many local/national products that contains marijuana. I try to advertise those companies who are willing to work with me or my clients like to use. Our hands and feet have many issues that can be treated with usage of CBD. I would like to beat the stigma of marijuana by consuming more marijuana while doing self-care rituals and routines.

LM: What are some of your preferred CBD products that you use in your services?

NT: Right now, I carry…

M.A.D.E products natural topical pain relief cream. I like the smell of the product and how it soaks into the skin and softens the skin.

Allay CBD Their body butter soaks into the skin really well and it has rich and oily consistency that’s perfect for massages.

KAYA Cosmeceuticals I use her CBD Roll oil for cuticles, because her packaging is just perfect to use on cuticles. I like to oil consistency that’s not too oily and soaks easily into the skin. The hang nails and scabs we get can be treated with Kaya’s CBD rolls oil.

Kiskanu – I use their skin rub for longer massages with their body oil.

All of the products that I carry contains CBD and for all types of skin. They are all women or family owned companies. My clients are able to sample those products during their services and it is great way to promote products. I’m welcome to work with new companies to promote new products with my clients. 

You can learn more about Nomsternailz here.


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