March 15, 2018

Taking The High Road: Traveling With Your Smoking Kit

March 15, 2018
The Happy Kit is an all-in-one kit that organizes your cannabis accessories in a sleek and compact manner.

When you’re enjoying a smoke session at home it’s easy to forget just how many moving parts are involved. Once you get into a routine everything seems like second nature, the sinks are there, your grinder is over here (under this empty pack of Doritos) and your herb is in the bottom drawer on the left (in the old Nokia box you’ve had for the last 8 years). For many of us a sesh is conducted with pure muscle memory, but eventually you’ll have to break routine for one reason or another.

Road tips, holidays, or traveling to meet family, these are all things that will necessitate some fine herb sessions. Of course it’s only when you set out that you realize just how many things you need for a good smoke, and if you’re not careful it’s far too easy to forget something vital when you’re packing. On top of that you have to consider a whole host of other constraints, including space constraints; you won’t always have enough room for that burgeoning kit you have at home, and weight will certainly be a factor for longer journeys.

So when you need to travel, what’s the best way to assemble your kit? How can you cut down on weight, and how do you make sure that you don’t sacrifice the quality of your sesh?

Make Sure Have A Well-Organized Smoking Kit

Not all of us have military-level organizational skills, so it’s understandable if from time to time that your smoking kit may become a bit… dispersed. While we may start out the best intentions for our dry herb kits we can’t always keep thing together like that. When packing for a long journey it’s easy to misplace the smaller components of your smoking kit, often the most vital part.

A great way to make sure that this never happens to you is to ensure that you keep everything you need in a compact and easy to carry smoking kit. A great example of such a kit is the Happy Kit, the happy kit is an all in one kit that is perfect for bringing with you on long journeys. It features a sturdy exterior and solid zip seal so you can be sure that whatever you put into it will be safe, sound, and won’t go missing. When you’re packing your very Happy Kit, you need to prioritize what you include.

Are you a bong fan, a pipe aficionado, or do you love hand rolled joints? When you’re packing your kit realestate is limited so this is an important question. If you’re a pipe fan, for example then you have no need to include any skins and roaches in your kit. If you’re a joint fan then you can leave your pipe at home and used that extra space for more sikin, roaches, and tobacco/herbal blends.

Cut Down On Weight

When you’re traveling every ounce counts. You don’t want a multi-pound smoking kit dragging you down and stressing you out. Your smoking kit is supposed to help you relax, not make you sweat. While the majority of you smoking kit may seem to weigh nothing, there are a few key components that can lead to it becoming over-heavy. There’s a few key pieces that can bog you down, the most obvious of which is your grinder.

The grinder is one of the most important parts of your smoking kit. No matter what your method of choice is you need to grind your herb, it unlocks more of its taste, leads to a more even burn, and makes it go further. Many grinders are made of heavy aluminum, and while this does offer a great grind it can weigh down your smoking kit.

A good way to cut weight is to swap your hefty metal grinder out for a lightweight acrylic piece. This will offer a fantastic grind at a fraction of the weight. Another way to save on weight is to buy a grinder that has another function, for example a grinder with a storage jar attachment for your herb.

Be Discreet

We all know and love the smell of herb, but it can be a bit pungent. When you’re traveling it’s understandable if you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself with any lingering odors. The best way to avoid this is to pack your kit in a discreet and smell proof container. The Happy Deluxe Kit is fully smell proof, and once you zip it up it’s discreet black shell will just look like a normal, everyday first aid kit. Of course, it does offer aid, but not that kind. Thanks to its smell-proof design you can throw your Happy Kit in your suitcase or bag without having to worry about the smell of your herb tainting all of your clothes!


The most vital part of any journey is the planning and preparation, especially if you’re intending to bring a smoking kit. Be aware of the local laws of your destination and any areas you’re passing through en route. Also, be aware of the policies of any transportation services you’re travelling with. Being safe and keeping out of hot water is more important than a smoking session. Keep safe, pack well, and enjoy your sesh.


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