January 24, 2017

Making Resin at Home | The Weed Show with Charlo Greene

January 24, 2017
The Weed Show = make your own dabs video

On today’s episode of The Weed Show with Charlo Greene, we gave our live cyber audience a full course on Dabs 101. Chris from Dabberbox dropped by, ready with enails and presses to provide the full rundown. He walked Charlo and the audience through everything we need to know about dabs: what they are, how to make them, and the most proper way to dab.

Concentrates. Extracts. DABS. So many names, so many forms. Where do you even begin? Dabberbox says start with rosin: the process of using heat and pressure to “squish” the oil out of your buds. This process ensures all of your cannabinoids are preserved and that nothing foreign is added to your dab.

So, how can you make your own rosin? Jump to 51:30 in the video to get your four steps on how to make your own rosin.

To summarize, you’ll first need some equipment: rosin micron bags and a heat press, both products Dabberbox makes available.

The first step in pressing your own rosin is to stuff your rosin bags with the flower of your choice. You then need to prepare your machine, which will vary in time and steps depending on what machine you have. For the Dabberbox press, you’ll plug it into an air compressor and power source, and set your desired temperature. The third step is to physically squish your nugs on the press — two tons of heat and pressure press down on the marijuana for about a minute, squishing out the most concentrated form of the plant’s cannabinoids. The final step is to gather and prepare your yielded wax. When the wax is hot off the press, you can manipulate, scrape and smooth out your wax into a nice slab, a rosin coin, or whatever you like!

Here’s what else you missed on The Weed Show with Charlo Greene…

POT TOPICS – Tuesday, January 24

  • Trump Signs Executive Orders
    • Just a few days into his reign, Trump has issued a handful of executive orders, reversing the favored direction of controversial topics like the Dakota Access Pipeline and family planning organizations. With his new power already driving back progress on liberal issues, what will Trump decide to do with the future of America’s weed?
  • Advice for CannaBusiness in the Midst of Uncertainty
    • Though many cannabis consumers and business owners may be wary about the new admistration under Trump, successfull CannaBusiness owners are stepping in to offer the best advice about how to protect yourself and your business.
  • Four Ways Cannabis Can Treat Asthma
    • Smoking a fat blunt may not be your first thought for an asthma cure, but the wonders of weed may actually be an answer to attacks. Catch up on four ways cannabis can help treat asthma.
  • Do I Smell Like Weed?
    • Some of us get paranoid about smelling like pot — and others couldn’t care less. But what causes that pungent odor to linger? And what are the best ways to get rid of? Charlo explores.

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