June 14, 2010

Cannabis Therapy Institute Announces Freedom and Faith-Based Initiatives

June 14, 2010
Cannabis Therapy Institute

This was just sent to us:

CTI Announces Freedom and Faith-Based Initiatives

The Cannabis Therapy Institute is saddened that Colorado Governor Bill
Ritter has signed HB1284 and SB109, creating a model for medical marijuana
for the rest of the country that is based on control rather than
compassion. In the final analysis, CTI feels that these bills may be so
restrictive as to be designed for failure.

In response, CTI is announcing two new programs designed to help cannabis
patients and activists work towards positive change in the cannabis

The freedom-based initiative is Legalize 2012, a grassroots campaign to
place an initiative on the Colorado ballot to relegalize cannabis and hemp
in Colorado for adults for all uses. While it is vital that Colorado create
a system of distribution for patients that works, at this point, we believe
the best way to accomplish this is by full relegalization. The ballot
initiative will be modeled after freedom-based models to legalization,
which reject the sin taxes and over-regulation promoted in other models.
The Legalize 2012 Project is currently forming a fundraising board & ballot
initiative language committee. Please contact us to get involved or donate.

The faith-based initiative comes from the Cannabis Church Sanctuary
movement. The use of cannabis as a sacrament is documented in dozens of
religions worldwide, including Judaism, Muslim, Christianity, Hindu,
Shinto, Buddhist, Rastafarian and more, stretching back thousands of years.
The Cannabis Church Sanctuary movement is based on the historical use of
churches as a sanctuary for the persecuted. Practitioners have protection
of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article II, Section 4
of the Colorado Constitution.

We are honored to have national speaker Roger Christie, from Hilo, Hawai’i,
in Colorado as part of the Cannabis Church Revival Tour. Roger is the
founder of The Hawai’i Cannabis (THC) Ministry, one of the world’s largest
cannabis churches. Below are the dates we have confirmed. Please check our
website for more information.

Wed., June 23, 2010
Religious Cannabis Revival
Oriental Theatre
4335 W. 44th Ave., Denver, CO 80212
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Free and open to the public
This event is free and open to the public. Because cannabis sacramental use
must be done in private, this will be a cannabis-free event. Please be

Sat., June 26, 2010
Conference on Religious Cannabis Use
Nederland Community Center
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Nederland, Colorado
Cost: $30 or 2 for $50
Advanced registration required
The conference will be an in-depth discussion of cannabis churches for
those who want to form a branch of the THC Ministry or any other cannabis
church. Basic church beliefs, practices and history will be discussed in
the morning. The afternoon session is devoted to legal issues of operating
a cannabis church and is designed for anyone who wants to start a branch of
the THC Ministry or other cannabis church.

Speakers for both events. Please see our website to determine which events
each speaker will be at:
– Rev. Roger Christie, founder, The Hawai’i Cannabis (THC) Ministry, Hilo,
– Attorney Robert J. Corry, Jr., expert in cannabis religious use
– Attorney Danyel Joffe, expert in cannabis religious use
– Attorney Richard Gee, expert on church incorporation and tax filing
– Travis B. Simpson, legal assistant to Rob Corry, expert in cannabis
church case law
– Rev. Julian Don Alexander II, librarian and historian
– Rev. Timothy Tipton, cannabis spiritual use and patient advocacy
– Rev. Kathleen Chippi, founder, THC Ministry Nederland
– Rev. Brandon Baker, founder, Green Faith Ministry, Northern Colorado
– Rev. James Marks, founder, THC Ministry Boulder

Vendor & Sponsorship opportunities available for BOTH events.
Contact the Cannabis Therapy Institute: [email protected]

THC Ministry Branch Ministry Orientation and Training
Become ordained as a Cannabis Sacrament Minister. Contact Roger Christie at
808-217-9352 ASAP to see if you qualify for your own branch THC Ministry.

Click here for more info:


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