Colorado Legalization Effort Releases First Television Ad

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Colorado Amendment 64 Television Ad

Tomorrow, our campaign is hitting the airwaves with our first ad! And as one of our core supporters, we are giving you a sneak preview.

Click here to view "Dear Mom" and then use the tools on the page to share it with others.

We released this ad just before Mother's Day, as it portrays a young woman sharing her thoughts about the use of marijuana and alcohol with her mother. Our hope is that it will inspire thousands of mothers and daughters in the state to have conversations about marijuana this weekend.

In order for Amendment 64 to pass in November, we need people who understand marijuana to talk about it with people who don't. We need our supporters to help other Coloradans appreciate that marijuana is not "bad;" it is simply a less harmful and acceptable alternative to alcohol.

Please share this ad widely so that your friends are inspired to start their own conversations about marijuana.On the landing page, you will also have the opportunity to click a link if you want to send a conversation-starting email to your family or friends.

Thanks for being part of this unique grassroots effort!