September 9, 2015

Earl Blumenauer To Provide Federal Marijuana Law Update This Weekend

September 9, 2015
earl blumenauer marijuana garden fundraiser
earl blumenauer marijuana garden fundraiser
(image via Oregon Cannabis Connection)

United States Representative Earl Blumenauer is a hero in my eyes, and should be in the eyes of all cannabis consumers and supporters. Earl Blumenauer has always done an outstanding job of representing the State of Oregon in Congress when it comes to cannabis reform, and has also represented the cannabis movement as a whole. Chances are if you hear of a pro-cannabis bill being introduced in the United States House of Representatives, Earl Blumeaner will be involved with it, if he didn’t introduce it himself.

The next Congress is going to be an active one when it comes to cannabis legislation, with potential ramifications for the entire country. Congress will hopefully pick up where they left off, with a number of marijuana bills being considered before the last session ended. Anyone who is involved in the cannabis industry should be hanging on everything Earl Blumenauer has to say about federal cannabis reforms, since he will be at the heart of it. If you can make it to Portland, Oregon this weekend for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference, you can hear Earl give a keynote speech which will no doubt be full of useful federal cannabis legislation information. Per Marijuana Politics:

Cannabis industry participants are rightfully concerned about banking regulations that outlaw financial services to state-regulated marijuana businesses. Congressman Blumenauer has done a tremendous job explaining this critical issue to federal officials, helping bring Oregon Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden to the cause. The ridiculous 280e IRS tax code that prevents marijuana businesses from deducting normal business expenses also plagues cannabis entrepreneurs and Blumenauer has worked to bring conservative officials and even activists like Grover Norquist to his side of the issue. Fittingly, Blumenauer has joined forces with Colorado’s Jared Polis to introduce a federal legalization bill. The cannabis community doesn’t have a greater ally in Congress nor a better resource to discuss the present and future of federal marijuana law.

Tickets to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference are still available. In addition to Representative Earl Blumenauer, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference will have a number of other world-class speakers and fantastic learning and networking opportunities.


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