October 3, 2012

Support Local Businesses That Support Cannabis Reform

October 3, 2012
oregon cannabis tax act octa 2012

tom dwyer automotive services portland pdxIf A Business Supports Marijuana Activism, Marijuana Activists Should Support The Business

I have always felt that it is extremely important to get local business owners to endorse campaigns that seek the end of marijuana prohibition. It shows non-marijuana consumers that might be on the fence on the issue that it’s not just consumers that want reform, but also business and industry leaders. After all, those business owners want their tax dollars going to fight real crime, among many other reasons. Recently I came across an endorsement by a local automotive repair shop in Oregon that fully endorsed Measure 80. I encourage all TWB readers in the PDX area to get your car fixed by Tom Dwyer Automotive Services. He supports the cause, so return the favor! Below is a letter that can be found on Tom Dwyer Automotive Services’ website:

I’m Tom Dwyer,

Jobs don’t come from tax cuts or the benevolence of wealthy job creators.  Jobs come from consumer demand, new thinking, and expanded opportunity.

This November, we can vote on a measure that should be called the Oregon Industrial Revitalization Act, but instead is called Measure 80- the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act.

Yes, Measure 80 would legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana, ending a failed prohibition in effect since the 30’s.  But that’s not the best reason to vote yes…

“Yes” lets law enforcement focus a dwindling budget on real crime.

“Yes” means jobs for people growing, distributing, and creating new products from hemp and marijuana.

“Yes” puts an estimated one hundred forty million dollars each year into Oregon’s depleted coffers.

“Yes” means slaying the “Reefer Madness” bogeyman and moving forward with arational policy that benefits everyone.

It’s long overdue.  Please join me in voting “yes” on Measure 80.

By phone at (five oh three, two three oh, twenty three hundred) or online at (tom dwyer dot com) we’re Tom Dwyer Automotive Services… trusted to keep your vehicles, safe, breakdown-free and operating at their best!


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