March 7, 2016

Check Out One Of NCIA’s Quarterly Cannabis Caucuses In April

March 7, 2016
national cannabis industry association ncia arizona

national cannabis industry association ncia arizonaI have attended a handful of National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) events, and literally every single one of them have been educational, empowering, and were fantastic for networking opportunities. NCIA does an outstanding job of advocating for its members and the cannabis industry as a whole, which is why I have always supported them. They also hire a lot of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) alumni, which is always a smart move and a surefire way to improve any organization or company.

One type of NCIA event that I haven’t attended yet is one of their ‘Quarterly Cannabis Caucuses.’ The first round of caucuses took place in January, and I heard from several people that they were amazing. I am going to try as hard as I can to get up to the Portland caucus on April 12th to check it out. Looking at some of the people that have been talking about it on social media, it is shaping up to be an amazing event.

I really like the concept of quarterly regional events, and tip my hat to NCIA for putting these on. The cannabis industry landscape is changing at a rapid pace, with stuff changing/evolving constantly. I know in my state, Oregon, you never really know 100% what is going on with so many changes being proposed/approved and so many hearings, etc. Having a meeting every three months to get a lot of people in the same room to get educated and educate each other is a great idea in my opinion.

If you are planning on attending the Portland meeting on the 12th of April, hopefully I see you there. Below are all the dates (Portland included) of every quarterly event:

Oregon – Portland, OR - Tuesday, April 12 - REGISTER NOW
Mid-Atlantic  - Washington, DC - Tuesday, April 12 - REGISTER NOW
Northeast  - Boston, MA - Thursday, April 14 - REGISTER NOW
Florida  - Miami, FL - Thursday, April 14 - REGISTER NOW
Midwest  - Chicago, IL – Tuesday, April 19 - REGISTER NOW
Tri-State  - New York, NY - Tuesday, April 19 - REGISTER NOW
Colorado  - Denver, CO - Thursday, April 21 - REGISTER NOW
Southwest  - Phoenix, AZ - Thursday, April 21 - REGISTER NOW
Nevada – Las Vegas, NV - Tuesday, April 26 - REGISTER NOW
So. California  - Los Angeles, CA - Tuesday, April 26 - REGISTER NOW
No. California  - San Francisco, CA - Thursday, April 28 - REGISTER NOW
Washington  - Seattle, WA - Thursday, April 28 - REGISTER NOW

If your business is not yet a part of the movement, please join NCIA today.

The events are free to NCIA members, and just $50 for non-members. If you are serious about the cannabis industry, you really should join NCIA. They advocate on a national level for the industry like no one else, and they have a strong member local member base all over the country. Something else that is coming up is the national event put on by NCIA, the Cannabis Business Summit. Not to downplay some of the other national events out there that are great, but the Cannabis Business Summit is extremely important. In addition to being a business conference, the Cannabis Business Summit also doubles as the number one industry advocacy conference too. There’s a brochure that you can download for the Cannabis Business Summit by going to this link here and signing up for it. That way you can get a sneak peak. I’m hoping to be at that event too. Hopefully I see you there! Below is a video about the first round of Quarterly Cannabis Caucuses:


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