First Medical Marijuana Dispensary License Issued In Oregon


It appears that the Oregon Health Authority has started it's first round of approvals for medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. It's been a long journey for safe access in Oregon. Which dispensary was 'officially' the first will be tough to say, but the first one I've seen is Greener Side in Eugene. I just saw the following post come across Facebook:

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By Anthony Johnson

I just got off the phone with Joseph Hopkins of the Greener Side in Eugene and he was very happy to announce that they have been approved for a state medical marijuana facility (MMF) license. In fact, he had just gotten off the phone with a representative of the Oregon Health Authority who told them that they had been approved for a state Medical Marijuana Facility (MMF) license and that they should expect the license in the mail as early as Monday. The Greener Side's license is one of the very first awarded by the state of Oregon (certainly the first that I'm aware of) and it couldn't have happened to a nicer group of people. The good folks at the Greener Side are dedicated to helping their community by participating in food drives, as well as patients most in need, as they provide free medical cannabis every Wednesday.

While many prohibitionists like to claim that the cannabis industry will turn out like Big Tobacco and not care about people's health and that those in the industry will only care about dollar signs, it is very rewarding to see great people like Joseph & Chelsea Hopkins succeed. They have always been a pleasure to work with (the Greener Side is a board member of OCIA) and you can see that they are genuinely caring people who are in the cannabis industry for all of the right reasons. Just by happenstance, OCIA selected the Greener Side to be the first featured OCIA member in our monthly newsletter. In case you haven't joined OCIA yet (or signed up for our newsletter), here is what our very first newsletter had to say about them:

M-F 11am-7pm Sat 11am-5pm | 1553 Oak Street / Eugene, OR
P: 541.345.8904

The Greener Side is a non-profit medical marijuana facility that truly cares about patients and their community. They provide good medical information and help people engage in activism directly from their website.

At The Greener Side, you will find great quality medicine and a knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any and all questions. Not only does this shop talk the talk, they walk the walk, providing free medicine to low-income patients every Wednesday! If you are a patient or caregiver, please check out this quality facility doing great work in the community.

OCIA is dedicated to helping ensure that the MMF rules and regulations work for patients, our industry and all of our communities. We aren't happy with all of the rules, but we understand that this will be an ongoing process as we help mold an efficient medical cannabis supply system that works well for everyone. And just as Colorado experienced, the medical system will establish the foundation for regulated commerce for all adults. With caring, compassionate businesses like the Greener Side involved, providing great medicine, but also improving the lives of patients and helping their community, the future is very bright for the Oregon cannabis industry.

Source: Oregon Cannabis Industry Association - join at this link here