The Oracle Vaporizer Has Finally Arrived!

Welcome to the new generation of advanced Vaporizer technology.
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The Oracle Vaporizer is the newest Forced-Air Vaporizer to the market and it has already made quite a splash. Instead of utilizing a ceramic heating element that can be found in most Vaporizers, this unit employs infrared technology. Many other Vaporizers claim to heat up within a minute, however, very few of them actually live up to their claims. This Vaporizer can actually heat up to vaporizing temperatures in less than 10 seconds. No other Vaporizer on the market can do it that fast or efficient. Built by BM Innovators, this high quality whip-style Vaporizer comes with dual-functionality. By utilizing the Forced-Air system, the user can enjoy vapor through a balloon bag or through a whip attachment. This gives the user the best of both worlds. Each of the glass connections are constructed from Ground Glass to ensure an airtight connection. The airtight connection is a necessity for allowing the vapor to flow through the tubing efficiently.

The Oracle Vaporizer is made from only the highest food grade materials and utilizes an aluminum casing to ensure proper protection. Each unit comes with a plethora of accessories including an air filter, biomass bowl, hookah stack adapter, vapor bag adapter, and 3 24” Vapor Bags/Balloons. When compared to other Forced-Air and Whip-style Vaporizers, the Oracle Vaporizer stands alone. It’s the ONLY Vaporizer currently on the market that employs infrared heating technology. This ensures a quick heat-up time (10 seconds) and absolutely the cleanest tasting vapor. The adjustable temperature control system allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature accordingly. Depending on the moisture level of your herbs or aromatherapy blend, the vaporizing temperatures needs to be adjusted to properly vaporizer the plant matter. It’s ideal for extracting the active ingredients from your favorite essential oils, incenses, aromatherapy blends, fragrances and much more.

Built in Canada, these devices are built from the highest quality materials to maximize durability and performance. BM Innovators initiated the highest quality standards to ensure that these devices perform to the highest levels. The Oracle Vaporizer is RoHS Compliant and uses absolutely no lead or mercury in its construction. Many other Forced-Air Vaporizers, like the Volcano Vaporizer, are much too expensive for most people. However, this unit is priced well below $500. Compared to similar devices like the Volcano and Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer, this unit easily rises above the rest. Not only does it provide the same capabilities as these other units, but it also heats up in a fraction of the time.

The Oracle Vaporizer can be used with all types of Herbs and Aromatherapy Blends including Lotus Leaf, Chinese Lobelia, Sage Leaf, Mugwort Leaf, Calea Z and Green Tea. This device is a much healthier alternative to smoking because it only extracts the essential compounds from your herbs instead of the nasty and dangerous carcinogens that are released during combustion. The temperature range for the Oracle Vaporizer is 100 — 450 F and it can heat up at an amazing speed of 50 F per second. It also has a temperature accuracy of +/- 3 C for maximum performance.

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