Well Rounded Stoners Unite

Besides “stoner” another label I embrace is “geek”.
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Not smart enough for the nerd title I geek out on pretty much everything new, here are some stoner geek things for you to check out.

Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband to: By now you’ve heard of a little game that came out called Halo Reach. On a 1 to 10 spliff scale this game gets 10 with a bong hit on the side. The graphics and game play have been upgraded ten fold. Players have more options now in creating their character and choosing game capabilities for online play. Online matchmaking now involves a group vote on a selection of several maps. Being that the game is new there are still glitches like people appearing in front of you than quickly disappearing or that I’ve re spawned on top of flying vehicles only to fall off but these are things that can be easily overlooked. The controls have changed a bit from Halo 3, so give yourself some time before jumping online and getting whooped by 10 year olds.

On the internet you need to check out Boingboing.net. It’s not new but their range of topics show the well roundedness of the marijuana user. In the past 2 weeks there have been four pro-marijuana articles that I’ve found quite interesting. The first is a medical marijuana video showing the perspectives of three medical marijuana users. The next article is about a cannabis catering service, so many amazing ways to ingest cannabis I hope one day to experience them all. The last two are pretty cool; one article is on a million dollar hedge fund exec that has been busted for growing pot(I’m always curious in situations like these how the police got involved) and the last is an article on how cops are tricking people to pull over by placing drug search ahead signs on highways – another case of how an informed stoner is a good stoner, stay educated and thirsty my friends.

Another magazine not putting the negative slant on marijuana is Fast company. Here’s an amazing article from them titled SPARC: The Apple Store of Marijuana Shops. In deed places like this could get rid of the drug dealer stigma and bring marijuana to a whole new level.

The government recently released a report stating drug use is on the rise and blames marijuana for this. I say no shit. Now if the government changes marijuana from a Schedule 1 drug (with the likes of heroine and cocaine) to non-at-all like alcohol and cigarettes, I would imagine their numbers would greatly decrease. In fact low numbers would result in the downsizing of various judicial departments, which is another reason the government wants to keep marijuana illegal.

In munchie news, Taco Bell has released the new flat bread chicken sandwich for under a buck. This is definitely worth the trip to your local Taco Bell when you find the need to eat but not cook. I weigh 230lbs so two are three of these are easily gone but one can definitely satisfy any craving.

Take care and stay educated my friends.