May 19, 2015

Hemp Product Review: Nature’s Root Sore Muscle Hemp Salve

May 19, 2015
natures root hemp salve rub

natures root hemp salve rubAbout 18 months ago, I was in a head-on car collision that left my car totaled (RIP) and both my body and mind corrupted. While the injuries are not that serious, I’ve dealt with consistent neck and back pain that rarely goes away. I haven’t taken a single pain-killer or opiate in those 18 months, but I have experimented with many CBD and Hemp lotions, tinctures, and products designed to alleviate pain and not get me high. Thankfully, many of these non-psychoactive products actually work, ease my pain, and allow me to live my life. Recently, I was gifted some of Nature’s Root’s Sore Muscle Hemp Salve-here’s my take.

When you apply Nature’s Root, you immediately feel a sensation akin to Icy Hot. Except unlike Icy Hot, Nature’s Root is completely organic and the body welcomes this sensation naturally.

Using hemp grown by the Colorado Hemp Project and an array of organic ingredients ranging from hemp-infused coconut oil to organic menthol crystals, this product contains no unwanted chemicals or ingredients: it’s au naturale.

And the soothing sensation when applied to one’s skin is immediate. As soon as I took a small swab of the salve and applied to my back, my typically tight, twitchy muscles quickly began to loosen up, and my consistent spasms (I wake up with them everyday) soon ceased to exist.

When I applied the salve to my neck, a similar, soothing sensation soon arose, and my typically tight neck was eased of tension and pain. In other words: this stuff truly works.

Perhaps the only (minor) qualm with this product is its distinctly menthol aroma as the menthol crystals in the product truly shine when applied and will awaken your nasal paths.

If you’re into menthol, you’ll love the natural minty nose to her. But I’ve never been a fan of Thin Mints or Peppermint Patties (I like my chocolate raw), and would prefer a coconut scent (which I believe Nature’s Root is developing). The menthol scent certainly does smell a whole lot better than whatever Icy Hot puts in its product.

That’s because, to reiterate, Nature’s Root is a completely organic hemp-based product made to heal. And heal daily pains and aches this product certainly does.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

You can currently purchase Nature’s Root Sore Muscle Hemp Salve online in its 2 oz ($19.99) or 4 oz ($36.99) sixes. If you’re dealing with everyday pain, give it a try-as the stuff works.

natures root hemp salve rub

Source: The Smokers Club


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