Hash Art Contest To Be Held


I have seen a lot of hash art pictures buzzing around social media lately. Some of the sculptures people are making are fantastic, so fantastic that it almost seems like a shame to have to destroy them on a dab nail. Notice that I said almost :) I'd still smoke every last drop of BHO if given the chance, no matter what it's formed into. If you are a 'dab artist' you may want to check out the Concentrated Art contest below, info courtesy of Ed Rosenthal's Facebook Page:

bho art hash

Be part of the first Concentrated Art competition. The hash sculpture contest is happening the 6,7, and 8th of February 2015.No charge to enter competitions. Non award winning sculptures/spliffigami can be retrieved

All hash sculptures must be made from 100% smoke-able materials: Water press hash, co2 oil, kief, and butane hash oil in all forms: Budder, shatter, and wax. Flower accents may be applied but can only be 5% of total weight.

Judging will be done solely on creativity of your sculpture. For example: A castle made of waterpress hash, with a golden moat of shatter, kief wagon trails, and small buds for bushes will be more creative than a stick figure made of wax. Let your creativity flow.

Open house for all sculptors and spliff rollers to put their final details on their art. 710 Social Club 9975 E Colfax Ave.

All category winners will receive a Headdy Cricket Dab Rig by world famous glass artist Darby

Holm, along with other fine prizes from our stoked sponsors! https://www.facebook.com/


First place Collaboration category will win a Jake Martin dog balloon oil rig!


Concentrated art class categories.

Spliffagami :

1 class

Hash art:

0-3.5 grams

3.5-7 grams

7-14 grams

14-28 grams

28 grams and over collaboration