State of Forever Green

Dank Marijuana Nugget

Happy holidays. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, the most glutinous day that is American. Mine was spent doing evil stoner things like pushing the kids on sleds down a hill or the evil house cleaning as the wife cooks.

Its been awhile since I've contributed to TWB and since than a lot of amazing things have happened in the world. Prop. 19 didn't pass but wasn't a failure, it has raised awareness across the nation and has given hope to millions of smokers. Prop. 203 passed in Arizona with some rights to out of state patients, leaps and bounds are being made.

I would like to send a “Greetings from Washington” to all our readers. To my well wishers, thank you. I'm proud to report I found a job in my marijuana mecca, The State of Washington.

The new job has worked out pretty good so far. Two months of non-smoking has brought me to a better place. Since I've been here I've met a fellow connoisseur, who has an amazing green thumb and amazing hash making skills. We met through a mutual friend of course and to build the trust I was forced to smoke some of the kindest green I've had in years. In the photo with my hand the lighter shade is grown by The Connoisseur. It is called Domino.

We smoked and got into a conversation on which is the best way to smoke marijuana. Personally when it comes to good pot I'll go with a pipe, preferably a hand blown glass one and of as of late a water pipe. But The Connoisseur and my friend debated that a joint is the best way to smoke. They made wild claims on how if you don't inhale the heat it's better for you or that every hit is a green hit (which is true). Even though joint smoking is most enjoyable, I'll go with a glass or water pipe anytime.

My recent move from Arizona to Washington has been time consuming and awesome hence the lack of input from yours truly but let me tell you, I've found my place.

I've seen the marijuana influence all around me since I've arrived. The local community theater here was doing their version of Reefer Madness and one of the local stations (90.3) plays reggae on Saturday mornings. In case you're wondering where here is its Burien, Washington — just outside of Seattle. Unfortunately I got here after they started moving Marc Emery the prison isn't that far from me.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, smoking marijuana is as close to religion as I get. When time and life permit I like to smoke and ponder. It makes me think things like “Why the fuck does Prince Henry make my news?”, when he has no impact on my life or “How the fuck is Sarah Palin's show so popular on Life?” Seems she's setting herself up to be some sort of reality-TV queen and still hold some political influence — creepy (or maybe that's just the weed talking).

From reality to the metaphysical I'm all over the place, the other day my sons and I were watching Small Soldiers. In case you don't know, Small Soldiers is a movie about toys embedded with a military grade microchip that develop the ability to think and act. Toys that are programmed to be soldiers and enemies. These toys than learn the world based on their programming. It occurred to me, “What if we're the toys?”

We start off with our basic programming and than we spend the rest of our lives understanding what it is we're suppose to do. Just like the programmers were the creators of the toys maybe we have our own “Programmer”. I know it sounds silly but I think in all my future writings references to God will be “The Great Programmer”.

One more corny observation before I go: I just watched Avatar: The Last Airbender. A point was made in the movie that the Avatar was there to change hearts in a war and that's how wars are won. The same could be said about the War on drugs.

Its our job to win the hearts of non-smokers and the just plain ignorant. Living life like a normal human being defeats a hundred years of propaganda. As the generations since the 60's grow older and become more predominant in society it's only a matter of time somebody can smoke and now feel like a criminal.

Well I think I've bent your ear enough. I will be taking part in some holiday bud recently purchased, a jar with some purple urkele but before I go let me turn you on to a stoner with a youtube channel. Various people have youtube channels and are making money at it. So show your support and visit Fluffee Talks channel.