November 26, 2017

Green Bay Packer Aaron Jones Charged with Possession

November 26, 2017
Police said that an officer noticed the scent of marijuana while talking to Jones at his vehicle.

Green Bay Packer Aaron Jones Arrested for Marijuana

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Green Bay Packers Aaron Jones may be suspended due to being arrested after being pulled over by police during a traffic stop. TMZ has posted a video of the incident in which Jones, 22, is pulled over in Ashwaubenon on Oct. 1 for speeding.

The footballer is being charged with speeding, operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in his system and operating a vehicle without a valid license. Jones pleaded not guilty on Nov. 15. Police said that an officer noticed the scent of marijuana while talking to Jones at his vehicle and reported that his eyes were bloodshot. The officer asked if Jones would tell him the truth about if he was smoking weed. Jones states on the video that he smoked earlier in the day. No marijuana was found in his car or in his possession.

Officers asked Jones to perform a sobriety test and he complied. Jones was able to balance standing on one leg and follow an object with his eyes, but because he used his arms to balance during a walking test, according to the officers, he failed. After his sobriety test, Jones was arrested and taken to St. Vincent Hospital for blood testing.

Teammate Donatello Brown signed an agreement “to care for an individual who has been operating a vehicle under the influence” and Jones was released after paying $1,363.70 in bail. Jones will need to appear Feb. 1 at the courthouse for a final pretrial hearing, according to his lawyer Brian Maloney.

Jones could face suspension from the football league, but no action is expected to take place until after the hearing. Coach Mike McCarthy said that he found out about the incident soon after it happened and has spoken with Jones. “I spoke to Aaron after the incident. It’s been a while since, I don’t recall the date. He made a mistake, and I know it’s a pending legal situation. But yes, I am aware of it.” Jones will likely finish the season.

Niko Mann is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles, California.


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