Marijuana Product Review – Marijuana Playing Cards

I have always loved playing card games.
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By Green Machine Enterprises

I don’t think I’ve ever turned down the opportunity to play a game of Rummy, and chances are if I’m bored and there’s a computer around, I’ll get in a game of Freecell or Solitaire. I don’t participate in poker tournaments, but I try to get in on nickel and dime games for fun as often as possible.

I’m also a huge magic nerd, and have a number of ‘ordinary decks of playing cards.’ Obviously that statement comes with a wink and nod, because almost all of my decks are rigged, but I do own quite a few legit decks for card tricks that don’t require any mechanisms. As you can see, I get pretty excited about playing cards.

That’s why I was so pumped up when my friend Kaliko told me that he had a deck of marijuana playing cards for me. I have seen marijuana playing cards before, but they are usually just one design on the cards, and usually of a hand drawn marijuana leaf. There are a lot of companies online that sell ‘custom’ decks (which is probably where the hand drawn ones come from) that will put whatever you want on them, but you won’t know what you get until you get it back, and chances are they will be very cheaply made and will peel and separate, and/or the corners of the cards will get easily frayed. You can’t exactly play cards with card-sharks and have cards clearly marked with frayed corners.

The cards that Kaliko gave me were the best I’ve ever seen by far. They are very high quality, and can handle a lot of use I’m sure, even unorthodox use by a bootleg magician like myself. Instead of just one doodle design for the entire deck, these playing cards feature a strain image on each card, along with what the strain is good for (i.e. energy, spasms, pain, etc.). It’s an all-star cast of strains too – White Widow, Maui Wowie, OG Kush, Northern Lights, and many more.

I picture playing cards with my friends, and pulling a crappy card, but still being ultra excited because it’s the Girl Scout Cookie strain on the card. That should make for some interesting bluffing! I have to assume that just about every marijuana consuming household has a deck of cards. Instead of having generic Bicycle playing cards, you should really consider getting some of these marijuana playing cards. You will be the coolest card player in your family and circle of friends. Even if you don’t like playing cards, they are still cool to have because the nugs in the pictures look super dank.

Check out Green Machine Enterprises on social media (Facebook and Twitter), at their website, and on Kickstarter. The maker of these playing cards is trying to get their quality product out to the masses, so help them out by donating to their crowd funding effort. You can support the cause by clicking on this link here.

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