August 23, 2015

First Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Las Vegas To Open Tomorrow

August 23, 2015
Distribution Hold Up Leaves Nevada Pot Shops Dry

las vegas medical marijuanaA lot of marijuana industry members have had their eyes on Las Vegas for a long time. Medical marijuana dispensaries are set to open all over Nevada in the near future, and all of them will be able to sell to tourists from other states that are valid medical marijuana patients in their home states. Considering how many tourists visit Las Vegas, it could become the medical marijuana sales capital of the world fairly quickly. The first dispensary to open in Nevada was in Sparks, but the first medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas will be Euphoria, which opens its doors tomorrow. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Euphoria, which has had to push back its launch date for months now, is slated to open its doors on Monday, albeit only to a select group of pre-registered customers who were sent invitations. That will last for two days before the dispensary fully opens to all registered MMJ patients on Wednesday, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Although the dispensary repeatedly announced plans to open earlier in the year, it hit snag after snag, including in June when it was forced to wait because it couldn’t purchase enough inventory from home growers to stock its shelves.

Euphoria executives even contemplated filing suit against Clark County over various delays, but eventually opted to simply wait for commercial cultivators to provide them with product, the Review-Journal reported.

There will likely be a line at Euphoria for much of the week; out of the more than 9,500 registered MMJ cardholders in the state, over 6,700 live in Clark County, which is home to Las Vegas.

I have a lot of family that lives in Vegas, and I visit there fairly often. I can’t wait to visit dispensaries in Las Vegas next time I visit. Although, I’m prepared for some serious sticker shock. Everything is more expensive in Vegas, and I don’t see why medical marijuana will be any different.


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