August 4, 2015

Marijuana July 2015 Jobs Report

August 4, 2015
now hiring marijuana job jobs

now hiring marijuana job jobsCannabis industry jobs growth slowed slightly in July compared to June. We did see more cannabis businesses open in July, but the hiring was done in June for most of those job positions. A large decrease in job openings came from Canada, where we saw a 61% drop in job openings compared to the previous month. This is because the job market is so micro, all it takes is a few businesses to close, open or expand to make the percentages skyrocket, or come crashing down. So these numbers are expected to be exaggerated untill more stable regulations are in place that embrace legal business and stable job growth.

In the states, California increased job openings by 9% compared to last month, California now has more job openings in the cannabis industry than Colorado, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon combined! Do you think it’s still just the weather and Silicon Valley attracting so many people to California?

Sales jobs came out on top as the most in-demand job, followed by budtenders, medical professionals, managers and delivery drivers. We have made a great video as always to make the jobs report easier to understand. Here are the detailed stats below.

July total job openings – 536

U.S.A. – CA 49%, CO 20%, WA 15%, AZ 5%, OR 5%, Other states 6%

Canada – BC 48%, ON 27%, Other 20%

Jobs in demand – Sales 16%, Budtender 12%, Medical Professional 12%, Manager 11%, Delivery Driver 7%, Marketing 6%, Trimmer 6%, Receptionist 6%, Creatives (Designers, photographers, developers) 6%, Grower 4%, Security 3%, Packaging 2%, Other jobs 9%

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