May 31, 2015

Want To Succeed In The Marijuana Industry? Get The 2015 Marijuana Business Factbook

May 31, 2015
marijuana business fact book

marijuana business fact bookIf you know me, you know that I value math and data. I value math and data so much more than emotion and opinion, and always will. I don’t like hype stories, or how many pissing contests someone has won. I care about what the math says. That’s because math doesn’t lie. Math doesn’t over embellish. If the math isn’t right, or the data is absent, it’s very hard if not impossible to know if something is succeeding, or to know if change is need. In the marijuana industry, way more decisions are made based off of in the moment emotion.

People in the marijuana industry rarely make a decision because the statistics and facts prove that it’s the right decision. Far more often decisions are made in an attempt to try to look cool in front of someone or to impress people that have nothing to do with the company making the decision. If I had a dollar for every time someone was introduced to me as a ‘cannabis industry expert’ because they have some idea that gets a lot of media but lacks any merit, I’d be rich.

In any industry, data and math is used in order to spot trends, confirm suspicions, and make projects, and the marijuana industry is no different. There is no better source for cannabis industry data that I have ever seen before than what’s found in Marijuana Business Daily’s annual publication the Marijuana Business FactbookI have seen documents made to try to mimic the Marijuana Business Factbook, but none of them measure up. None of them have the state by state, comprehensive data that has been compiled for the Marijuana Business Factbook. The data is often incomplete and lacking from other sources, and it’s not coincidence, because none of the other data compilers out there work as closely with the marijuana industry as the people at Marijuana Business Daily.

This book has been referenced by such business publications as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, and Fortune. No other marijuana publication can say that last time I checked. If you want to order your copy today, click on the banner below:

marijuana business fact book


Below is more information about the book, via Marijuana Business Daily:

Your Updated, Practical Guide to Cannabusiness Financials, Stats & Laws

100% re-written in 2015, Marijuana Business Factbook 3rd edition is packed with useful, exclusive financial data for cannabis entrepreneurs and major investors.

This full-size 209-page printed report is ring bound for ease of use. It ships via Priority Mail. Order now and your copy will be in the mail heading to you in one business day or less.

154 Exclusive Tables & Charts of Real-life Business Financials

Based on real-life data from 829 marijuana-related businesses, the Factbook is your source for numbers you can use for business plans, expansion ideas, impressing investors, and benchmarking your own organization’s numbers. You will discover:

  • Start-up costs, running costs, revenues & profitability by type of company
  • National and state-by-state cannabusiness forecasts
  • The impact of regulations, as well as 280E
  • Year-over-year changes in profitability
  • Expansion cost data

24 State-by-State Opportunity Profiles (Plus Canada)

Marijuana business regulations and opportunities vary dramatically for each state. Turn to the Factbook’s state-by-state profiles for state laws, number of dispensaries/retailers, customer stats, estimated sales potential and what to watch for. Includes all legal US states for MMJ and recreational. This year, we also included Canada.

Plus, you’ll also get our exclusive 2015 Business Stability and Business Opportunity state ratings to help you see which states are safest to do business in, and which have the most near-term growth potential. 24 Profiles include:

District of ColumbiaHawaiiIllinois
NevadaNew HampshireNew Jersey
New MexicoNew YorkOregon
Rhode IslandVermontWashington State

Fresh Data on the Top 6 Cannabusiness Sectors

In addition to cost, revenue and profitability numbers for each sector, you’ll be able to dig into business specifics such as:

  • How costs differ for indoor vs greenhouse vs field grows
  • Financial differences between dispensaries and recreational retailers who grow their own inventory, versus buying wholesale
  • Typical staffing numbers for infused product companies by revenue size
  • How adding more edible and infused brands affects profitability
  • Number of days testing labs take to process samples (the differences may surprise you)
  • How many states a typical ancillary product firms have clients in
  • Percent of revenues ancillary services firms make from marijuana versus non-marijuana clients
  • Typical square feet used by each type of business, and whether they own or rent

… and more.

Data for Investors & Companies Seeking Capital

Based on exclusive data from 268 investors in real-life privately held companies, you will learn everything from typical investor ROI … interest rates on private cannabusiness loans … and amount of equity typically given in return for an investment.

Plus, discover how much money current investors are planning on putting into privately held companies over the next 12 months, how many companies they are hoping to fun, and which types of marijuana businesses are the most attractive to investors.

About Marijuana Business Daily – Publishers of the Marijuana Business Factbook

Founded in 2011, Marijuana Business Daily is the most trusted B2B publisher and event organizer for the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves in non-biased reporting of the news, data and laws that affect the $3.1 billion marijuana industry.

Our stats and financial projections tend to be on the conservative side. We believe the industry is far better served by moderate, realistic projections than by hype. As members of the media, we are not trying to influence investors or lobbyists. Our sole goal is to serve business owners and their backers with the finest information.

We’ve been featured on television – including NBC, CBS and CNBC – on the radio including NPR’s Marketwatch, in major newspapers ranging from the Boston Globe to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, and in business journals ranging from Fast Company to Harvard Business Review.

Our publications have the largest business circulation in the industry. Our events were the very first national conferences for the industry, and remain the largest in terms of business attendees.

We are a division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc., a woman-owned company based on Pawtucket RI, with staff across the US, most especially in the Denver area. Got questions? Our customer service team is standing by during East Coast as well as Pacific business hours at (401) 354-7555 x1. Or


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