July 10, 2013

Washington Releases Marijuana Market Regulations

July 10, 2013
washington state marijuana regulations

washington state marijuana regulationsThe Washington State Liquor Control Board released its final proposed regulations for the state’s adult marijuana industry on June 3.

Among the proposed rules are requirements that the industry ensure public and consumer safety through strict surveillance and transportation practices, criminal background checks, and packaging and labeling requirements.

“Public safety is our top priority,” said Board Chair Sharon Foster. “These rules fulfill the public expectation of creating a tightly-regulated and controlled system while providing reasonable access to participation in the market.”

The Board also proposed several revisions from previous plans. In an effort to alleviate concerns that the state may earn an objectionable reputation, the Board abandoned the official regulatory logo of a marijuana leaf inside an icon of Washington state. Additionally, in order to expand regulatory flexibility, the Board proposed that the state allow marijuana to be grown outdoors, and not just indoors or in greenhouses.

Public hearings on the proposed rules will be held from August 6 – 8. The final rules will be adopted by August 14 and will go into effect in September of this year. Retail stores are expected to open as early as March 2014.

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