When It Comes To Cannabis Seeds, Sensi Seeds Leads The Way

sensi seeds cannabis seeds

Sensi Seeds has some of the best cannabis seeds on the market, and that's nothing new. Sensi Seeds has had some of the best cannabis seeds for decades now. Genetics are vital to achieving the highest level of cannabis production, and Sensi Seeds' genetics are second to none. Whereas other seeds companies are new to the scene, Sensi Seeds has a long history of success. Anyone I know that has scored seeds from Sensi Seeds is turning out a higher quality of flower than my other friends who are working with other genetics.

The man behind the Sensi Seed Bank is legendary breeder Ben Dronkers. Ben Dronkers started growing cannabis in the mid-1970's. During the later part of the 1970's and into the 1980's, Ben Dronkers traveled the world searching for the best cannabis seeds on the planet. He traveled all over Asia collecting seeds, and can be seen in Afghanistan in the picture below:

ben dronkers afghanistan sensi seeds

In the mid-1980's Ben started breeding cannabis seeds, drawing on a seed bank the likes of which most people could only dream about. It's out of that original bank of seeds that Ben created some of the greatest strains the world has ever known. Sensi Seeds is essentially three companies that have meshed together over time. The Flying Dutchman and the Sensi Seed Club are also under the Sensi Seed Bank Umbrella.

Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Ed Rosenthal, and the late great Jack Herer are/were long time supporters of Sensi Seeds, and that's not a coincidence. Check out Sensi Seeds on the web, on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. If you are serious about cannabis seeds, then make sure to get them from the experts - Sensi Seed Bank.