July 13, 2016

Why Whoopi Will Win a Weed Award and It’s a Victory for Women Everywhere

July 13, 2016

By: Meghan Ridley of Dope Magazine

Whoopi Goldberg has been figuratively bleeding for causes across platforms ranging from entertainment to advocacy for decades. Starring in definitive roles and standing up for humanitarian causes has earned her numerous awards—including being one of only 12 artists in the world to receive an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, better known as the EGOT. Now, with the launch of her medical cannabis brand aimed at relieving symptoms of menstruation and co-founded with seven-time High Times Cannabis Cup winner Maya Elisabeth, Goldberg may be en route to adorning her shelves with yet one more trophy—rounding out her collection of accolades in more high-minded and feminist fashion than many ever conceived.

Periods often bring an onslaught of uncomfortable physical conditions and conversations whenever they’re around. Vague concepts of where they come from are often overshadowed by a difficulty to healthily deal with them once they arrive. This directly affects half the population and indirectly affects us all. Here, the notion of the female population being a “niche” market is something that Goldberg openly scoffs at, reminding us that 50 percent of the individuals on the planet is more of a movement than a niche—especially when it comes to the delicate arena of women’s menstrual health.

“I’ve had difficult periods my whole life, and I’m not alone in that,” Goldberg remarked. “Cannabis has always provided relief. Always.”

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