March 5, 2012

Marijuana Product Review – The Kashtray

March 5, 2012
kashtray ash tray

The Kashtray

If I had a nug for every time I had to clean up ashes off my table, I would have more marijuana than Harborside. Smoking marijuana can be a dirty habit, in that it can lead to resin on lighters, keys, etc, on top of the previously mentioned ash hate. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a product that solved this problem?…Oh wait, there is! The Kashtray!

The inventors of the Kashtray were kind enough to contact me to see if I would do a review of their product for TWB. As always, I am always welcomed to reviewing a marijuana product, provided that the people selling the marijuana product provide one for free :) It’s a win-win scenario right? The Kashtray is one of the best marijuana consumer inventions I have seen in a long time. The design is SO simple, yet effective. Just look at the picture below and you will see why this is something that should have been around since marijuana became popular back in the beginning of time. If you want to purchase one of these Kashtrays, which I highly suggest you do, check out the Kasthtray website!

kashtray ash tray

The Kashtray Story

It all started as an art project at the University of Colorado in Boulder. A handful of Kashtrays were made and given to friends. They were tested and used, in some cases for many years. Although the Kashtray was considered by all to be one of the most ingenious smoking accessories of our time, the time just wasn’t right for it to be made available for the world.

Until now.

Fast forward a few years. While traveling through Asia, I found myself on the island of Formosa, in the village of Yingge, known for its centuries long tradition in fine ceramics. A do-it-yourself pottery session rekindled the Kashtray dream.

In September 2010, the first “new” Kashtray samples were handcrafted, and after a few subtle changes, the new and much-improved Kashtray was born.

The Kashtray has certainly come a long way from the Fine Arts Building at CU to the ceramics studio in Yingge. Now it’s here for you to enjoy. Just think, you’ll never have to search for something to clean your pipe with again.

Why The Kashtray?

Why the Kashtray? Are you still fucking asking this question? Jesus Christ, man.

Have you looked at your keys lately? They’re resin-filthy. The girlfriend’s pissed that you keep bending up all the clothes hangers. Your buddies are disgusted with the state of your pipe. You’re almost out of toothpicks and your incisors are still full of yesterday’s lunch.

You’re not living in your mom’s basement anymore…are you? You got a job, maybe even your own car, you’re almost there. Now, it’s time to have your own Kashtray.


– Innovative, functional and attractive design

– High-gloss glaze for easy clean-up

– Rubber base to protect furniture

– High-quality ceramic for strength and durability

– Suitable for pipes, bongs and vaporizers

– No more cracked glass

– No more searching for something to clean your pipe

– No more messy clean-ups

– No more resin on your coat hangers, pens or keys


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